We all do it. We travel to different countries, buy souvenirs, and display them so we remember our time when we travelled to that one particular place. We are not an exception there either, I collect sand and pins (very specific, I know, but I live it) and Agata collects souvenir spoons from different places. She wants us to start collecting coasters and bunch of different stuff… Who knows, maybe at one point we won’t have place to put newly bought things?

In any case, there is no need to worry about that as Covid-19 is still everywhere, traveling is a foreign concept to many and there is a small light at the end of the tunnel, but who knows how long the tunnel is.

So, why do we buy souvenirs (or collect, or whatever you guys are doing)? Simply, to somehow relive the whole experience we had at that particular trip, that particular moment in time. To us, it was never more apparent that it’s the case, until last weekend. We talked about our trip to Spain a lot. Why? I cooked paella at home.

Now, cooking paella (or anything for that matter) in this particular sense was not to just have something to eat, but it had more to do with the whole experience from the trip and the evening we had before and after we ate paella. We were trying to compare one I made to the one we had 2 years ago. Was it good, was it better, how to improve? Remembered the walk next to the beach, nice music during dinner, how ridiculous it was to drive such small car over such great stretch of the road. Plenty of things to remember.

Now, cooking for me is a whole new thing, I only recently started to get really into it. And it is all connected to the most recent trip we had – Morocco. I bought so many spices there, I still have them and use them daily when I can in the kitchen. So, every time I cook, I remember our walks in Jemaa el-Fna in Marrakech, and basically everything about the trip.

This is more of a rant than an actual post about a particular part of a specific travel, but those are also part of the whole traveling experience. You travel somewhere and you stay there for a short period of time, and for the rest of your life you always remember. And right now, after so long at home and no where to travel to, the only thing we can do (well, most of us that is) is remember the better times when we were doing something more fun than this.

All that being said, souvenirs are cool too 😉 What are you collecting? Or you know what, don’t tell us, Agata doesn’t need help with that, trust me.