Travelling – alone or in company?

Travelling is always awesome no matter if you’re doing that alone or with someone. Of course, if you’re visiting new places with your best friend or a partner, it adds to the whole experience because you can share the memories. And let’s be honest, you need someone to take all those nice photos of you 😉

But is travelling alone actually better than travelling in company?

I have never been anywhere on my own. When I went for holidays, to the USA or anywhere else, I was always with someone, my parents, my friends or later, Josip. I cannot really say which option is better, but I know myself and I know that I would definitely not want to travel alone.

Josip did some travelling on his own when he was in the USA. He did it because his plans were different than plans of his friends but if he could, he would definitely choose someone to keep him company.

Okay, travelling alone sucks (for most of the people) but how is it when you travel with someone? Is it always awesome and easy?

Let me tell you, it’s not.

I’m always saying that Josip and I are a perfect match when it comes to traveling because we have the same ideas, we want to see the same places and we can both be spontaneous (him definitely more than me, but I’m getting there!).

When you’re traveling in group, you need to have in mind that there will be some problems, maybe small conflicts to where to go, how to get there, what time, etc. It’s definitely not easy to plan a trip for a bigger number of people, even if you know each other very well. If you have friends who always agree with the plan of the trip – stick to them! They’re precious!


  1. Smaller budget.
    When you’re travelling in group and you share all the expenses of food, car, gas, hotels etc., you don’t need to worry about saving a lot of money for your trip.
  2. Driving is easier.
    If most or all of your friends have driving license, getting from point A to point B is easier and faster. You can plan your trip accordingly, change after a few hours of driving and everybody can be still fairly rested and ready for adventures.
  3. Safety.
    Wherever you are, it’s always better to be in a bigger group. You can all take care of each other and help with obvious things like looking after the luggage at the airport or making sure nobody behind you is trying to open your backpack.
  4. Division of responsibilities.
    It’s a lot easier to plan a trip, especially if it’s a bigger one, if you have more people to take care of it. One person books the flight, the other looks for the accommodation, and someone else gets the whole plan ready.
    It was four of us on our trip to Australia and it made things so much easier. The whole planning process is faster when you have four people throwing ideas if you have to change something very quickly. But it also helped a lot during driving. Since we were traveling by car for long, long time, two people were responsible for getting us wherever we were going, and two of us could rest in the back of the car, not worrying about what is happening around them. That way we were all rested (as much as we could be) and nobody was too tired to visit new places.
  5. Sharing memories.
    The photos you’re going to look at after the trip will make you smile even more if your friends are on them. All the memories, inside jokes, funny situations that happened, all that is priceless.
  6. Much more fun.
    Let’s be honest, it’s always more fun if you’re in a bigger group than alone or with just one person. I figured that what works for us best is going alone with Josip for just a few days but taking some of our friends when we’re planning a longer trip somewhere further away.


  1. Having to adjust.
    We only thought about one negative side of travelling in a group – different people have different needs and if you want to have a good trip, you need to somehow adjust the whole plan to all of you. It’s not particularly a con of travelling in a bigger group but it definitely can turn out like that.

    It depends on the people you’re going with, some people agree easily, some don’t. That’s why it’s always good to think about who you want to spend next few days with, for the sake of the trip. You’re travelling to see new places, try new food, maybe meet some new people, not to argue with those who you came with.

How is it with you? Do you like travelling alone? Or maybe you always go in a bigger group because that’s the best option for you?