Cities of Australia

Whenever we are traveling, we focus on not staying too long in the cities. We are nature lovers and that’s where we spend most of the time during our adventures – sleeping in the tent or a hammock, not in a hotel. But! It doesn’t mean that we skip visiting cities at all. We always try to plan at least a few hours in cities and we did exactly the same in Australia.

Since the country is so big, we obviously were not able to see the cities to the extent we wanted if we wanted to spend most of our time in the national parks and nature in general. But we managed to visit some more important places.

So what did we see?


We arrived in Sydney right after flying to Australia and since this city is probably one of the most famous one in the country, we couldn’t just say no to walking around a bit. We only had two days in total but that gave us some time to see the most iconic symbols of Australia.

We spent our New Years Eve in Sydney and it was AMAZING. I will skip the part where we were trying to find a good spot for watching fireworks – apparently, on the last day of December the whole Sydney is divided into sections and if you want to have the best spot, you need to…buy a ticket. Yes, you need to buy a ticket and save your spot so that you can have the perfect view. We didn’t know about it so we ended up running around the city and trying to find ANY place where we could see ANYTHING πŸ™‚ We managed to find one spot without too many people, it wasn’t the best but we saw everything and we started our New Year happy and excited!

The picture doesn’t reflect the beauty of the fireworks there – it was breathtaking!

Did you know that Sydney is not the capital city of Australia? I will be honest, for a very long time I was convinced it is, probably like many other people. I think it’s because it’s the most famous city and subconsciously we are just sure that this is how it has to be, right? Well, not this time πŸ™‚

One of the most iconic places in Sydney is of course the Sydney Opera. And being in Sydney means taking bunch of pictures of it as you can see below πŸ™‚ We were true tourists!

The Sydney Harbour Bridge

We also walked around the Botanic Garden, it is a very nice place just for a short (or longer!) stroll. It’s pretty big, the entry is free and there are plenty of trees and bushes native to Australia πŸ™‚

We were back in Sydney the day before flying to Perth, the second part of our trip. Our good friend Marko gave us a tour, showed us best Mexican restaurant ever, with best burritos and sangrias we’re ever had (Josip doesn’t think so, but what does he know?)!

He also showed us the Sushi Hub and I will just say that Josip and Asia would stay there forever if they could! I’m not really a big fan of sushi but I completely understood them! It was amazing! So if you’re ever in Sydney, the Sushi Hub is a must – it’s very tasty and super cheap!


With Melbourne, saying that we’ve been there is too much. We had about 2 hours to walk around but we wanted to use that time to buy some souvenirs which we couldn’t find in national parks. It was raining while we were there so we really just run through the city pretty fast.

It’s hard to say if the city is nice or not after such a short time and basically not seeing anything but I would definitely come back there and walk around the city more. It seemed like a very nice place but with a plan on what to do and what to see πŸ™‚

We literally have just one ‘good’ picture from Melbourne :’)


Similar to Sydney, we had about 1-1,5 day in Perth. We arrived there the day before flying home and we decided to spend some time on exploring the area around our hotel πŸ™‚

It will sound bad if I say that for me all the cities in Australia are very similar or even the same, I mean how can I say that, I only visited three or even two of them, but there really is something about it. All those cities are big, full of people (obviously), with bunch or restaurants, shops, like any other bigger city in any country. But we liked it. Walking around Perth was very nice even though we didn’t have time to see much.

Josip and Asia found the Sushi Hub for which they fell in love with so they were back in heaven πŸ™‚

10/10, would do again!

And a few hours before our flight home, we went to do our… tattoos! We wanted to have a souvenir for life so we decided to take a part of Australia back home with us πŸ™‚

Josip got a Superb Fairy Wren – it was the very first one he saw in Australia and the tattoo scale is 1:1! Yes! They are so small and cute!
I got a koala because it I got to hug my first koala in Australia and I wanted to have that memory forever with me. Plus, c’mon, they are just too cute πŸ™‚
And Asia got a platypus combined with Canis Major constellation – her platypus is sleeping so she wanted him to sleep under the stars just like we did in Australia and since it’s the other side of the world, she wanted a piece of the southern sky πŸ™‚