How and what to pack?

We haven’t been posting for a while now. The lockdown forced all of us to stay home but since the situation is getting better, we are back! 🙂 We probably will have to wait until we can travel again but that’s the perfect time to get ready more than ever!

Traveling around the world is an amazing thing but I bet that many of you struggle when it comes to packing for the trip. How big of a suitcase I need? What should I bring? How’s the weather like? It is actually very easy, here are some tips on how and what to pack to always have what you need.

What to pack?

  • Different type of clothes

The amount and type of clothes depends on the country you are traveling to but it doesn’t mean that if you are going to Africa, you are going to have only summer, light clothes. No matter where you go, you should always have some warmer clothes, whether it is one or two sweaters or light jacket. It might be hot during the day and freezing at night, like it was in Australia for us. You can read about what to bring to Australia right here.

  • Comfortable shoes

You don’t need to be stuck for 2 weeks or even more in shoes that you just bought and that are not as comfortable as you would wish them to be. Don’t experiment, take your favourite, used shoes on your trip, your feet will thank you. If you are going for longer than 10 days, I really, really recommend taking 2 pairs so you can change them from time to time. It can be very helpful if you are traveling a lot.

Comfortable summer hiking shoes

A good idea is to take flip flops with you which you can use during the shower – depending on the country you go to, the conditions might differ and you might not be too comfortable with standing in the shower with your bare feet. I try to take flip flops wherever I’m going because it proved very helpful lots and lots of times.

  • Electronical devices

If you have a smaller laptop that will not take much space – take it. It can be useful if you need to find more information in the hotel room or wherever you are. You can always do that on your phone, yes, but sometimes laptop just makes things easier.

Make sure you have all the chargers you need for your devices and the adapter if it’s needed in the country you are going to.

  • Medicine

That is something I always take with me no matter where I am going. I know what works for me, which pills are good for runny nose, fever, sore throat and I feel better if I have them with me all the time. In Europe you can buy them everywhere so that is not that big of a problem but when going somewhere outside of Europe you never know what you can or cannot find or what will actually help you if you need it.

  • Documents

I think that is something that everybody remembers about but just as a reminder – do not forget your ID when traveling. Obviously you will need it when crossing the border (usually). If you are traveling in Europe, your ID card is enough. Outside of Europe, do not forget your passport. If you are renting a car it is always good to have your International Driving License with you, I take it everywhere, even if traveling only in Europe as you never know if they will need it for some reason or not. Better take it and not use it than regret leaving it at home.

  • Towels

Depending on the country you are in and the place you are staying at, you might or might not be provided with towels. In Europe good quality hostels and hotels usually have towels prepared for their guests but outside of Europe it might not always be the case. In Morocco, sometimes we had them and sometimes we didn’t, really depended on the place. Also, even if there are towels in the room, you might not always want to use them – if the room doesn’t look too clean, I wouldn’t risk it with using the towels anyway.

We can recommend buying a fast-drying towels – they are easy to pack, you can roll them in small “packages” and they really are useful while traveling.

  • Water bottles

As we were mentioning in the post about what to bring to Australia, water bottles might prove themselves very useful. In countries where it is not recommended to drink water from the tap they are a must have. Why would you spend money on buying water when you can have it for free? One good water bottle and you are good for few months or a year of travelling, depending on how much you travel during the year and how much you are using the filter.

  • External batteries

As you travel from one place to another, you will not always have a possibility to charge your phone. The battery likes to die usually when you need it most so external batteries can save your life. Small, handy device which is good to have somewhere close in your backpack so you can always charge your phone and not to worry about being disconnected from the world when you need it.

  • Tent and sleeping bags

If you are planning to travel around the country where you can easily camp, why not just do that? Camping saves you money, gives you an easy way of sleeping whenever you want to and allows you to be close to nature. We were camping for 3 weeks in Australia and that’s the best thing we did so far, really.

Our campsite
  • Hammocks

Take your hammock everywhere you are going. Why? Because hanging it between the trees is the best way to relax ever! If you have one of those very small “packages”, your hammock will not take too much space in your bag and you will be very, very happy you actually took it, trust me.

Hammocking in Australia

How to pack?

You are going for a trip, chose clothes, shoes and everything else that you need to take with you but it turns out that your luggage is not big enough? Don’t worry, there are some tricks that will help you pack everything in a nice, neat way without leaving anything behind!

  • Roll your clothes

Honestly, I read about it somewhere some time ago but never really had to use it until recently and I had to say that it works! Rolling clothes instead of just folding them saves you same space in your bag and thanks to that you can pack everything without cram it all together.

  • Put your socks in your shoes or stick it in holes between clothes

Filling out the holes between your jeans and all the T-shirts with your socks will save you some space plus will make sure that nothing will move during the trip so if you put something valuable in your bag, it will stay where it should be.

  • Take only what you really need

Count how much T-shirts, jeans, pairs of socks you need, don’t take more but if you can – take less. Are you staying in the hotel for few days? You can wash some clothes there, there is no point of taking too much stuff. If you do, where are you gonna put all your souvenirs?

Situation right now is as it is, we all hope it will be over some time soon. In the meantime, check out what to pack for your first trip after our quarantine is over! Maybe you need to order something? Now is a good time to sit down, think about it and add stuff to your to-buy list. What else can you at home whole day than preparing for adventures? 🙂

Stay tuned and follow our footprints!