How to money? – Georgia

Every time I travel, I wonder how much cash should I have on me and I always spend loads of time trying to find that out. Should I try and get local currency? But where is the best place to do that? Should I get euros or dollars?  Or maybe not take cash? And, if taking cash, HOW MUCH?!?!

Let’s face it, no one likes having large sums of money on them, especially when they are traveling. In this day and age, many, many places have POS devices to pay for all kinds of things with a bank card. Paying with a card makes my life easier. I hate cash so I usually try to avoid having it with me (not counting those few banknotes that Agata collects). As we all know, some countries still need to start using card payments, so cash is a must.

But, what is the situation in Georgia?


Georgia is one of the countries that is doing its best to keep up with the technology and modern way of living, and of course, to accommodate all the tourist that are coming to visit this gorgeous country. That’s why most of the places accept cards as the method of payment.

During our roadtrip across the country, our primary method of payment was using a card. It proved to be very useful and we didn’t have to deal with money everywhere. I don’t know about you, but when I’m traveling, I never „have time” to put money back to the wallet, so it is literally everywhere, every single pocket I have, cup holders of the car, seat… As I said earlier, I hate cash.

Entrances to the parks, gas stations, restaurants and shops, they accepted paying with a card. But…


Interestingly, every single hotel we had, we had to pay with cash. We primarily use to find an accommodation, and all the places weren’t too kin on accepting the cards. There were also few instances where we had to use cash, like when visiting Vardzia and when we wanted to eat at a guesthouse and there was no electricity.


From our experience, if you are going to touristy places and are „avoiding” smaller, more rural places, you don’t need to have large sums of cash. Just make sure that you have enough cash to pay for all the hotels and just a little bit extra just in case.

I strongly recommend using the card wherever you can. It helped us with the „situation“ we had on the gas station, where we were scammed for some money, but got it back very easily, which wouldn’t be the case with cash. Today, there are some amazing top up card options, e-banks and traveler cards with many security features your bank might not have. They have great exchange rates and certain sums you can get from the ATM without fees, so they are worth to check out!

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