Las Vegas – is it for everyone?

Eiffel Tower, Disneyland, Venice and Statue of Liberty in the same place. Sounds impossible? Or maybe familiar? It is not a dream nor a joke, it’s Vegas baby!

When planning my first trip around the United States I knew I had to go to Las Vegas. Some people were actually asking why do I wanna waste my time on a place like this, where I would just spend my money on unnecessary stuff, be in a crowd all the time and not be able to move around the city. Well, yes, all of that is true but how can you be in the USA and not visit Las Vegas? It is one of the most famous places, you hear about it all the time, you see it in movies or on TV and you just want to be a part of it at least for a short while. And so I decided – I am going to the city in the desert.

It was mine first stop, I did not know what to expect apart from lots of lights and people – and it was exactly that. My friend and I were super excited so we checked in our hostel which was 10 minutes walking from the main street – Strip. We changed after our flight and run out to see everything Vegas had to offer!

When you walk around the city you see lots of shops with famous brands like Coca Cola or M&Ms. We could not resist stopping by and seeing what they hide inside. We tried 16 different tastes of Cola (before that I didn’t even know there is so many!), some of them were like little heaven in your mouth and the others tasted like a very bad cough syrup. My friends stopped me from buying all the M&Ms flavors in the shop and we saw probably the most expensive M&M jacket in the world – it was priced at $3000 and it had over 5000 Swarovski diamonds on it!

There are also some famous restaurants – I’m pretty sure you heard about Bubba Gump. The restaurant based on the movie Forrest Gump – I will be honest, I saw the movie after I went to the restaurant but I need to say it was very nicely done and the food was delicious! I definitely recommend it to any Forrest Gump’s fan!

The city and the lights make a huge effect together but that’s not all! As you probably know, there are bunch of most famous hotels in Vegas and you can experience them without even staying at that hotel. For example, there is a big fountain in front of Bellagio hotel where every hour there is a magical fountain performance to the music. It looks amazing on the Internet and when you see it live it just takes your breath away. Apart from that you can see a very convincing volcano erupting in front of Las Vegas Boulevard. Those are two shows you definitely need to see when visiting Las Vegas, you can check up the time on the Internet.

The insides of the hotels are amazing and some of them you feel like you are in a different world. In Venice hotel you actually can take the gondola and feel like in Italy, the river flows in the middle of the hotel while in Caesars Palace you will find yourself in the ancient Rome.

I think what shoked me the most is how the city looks like during the day. You know, at night the lights do their job and it’s all fancy but during the day with people running around to get to places where they need to be, cars trying to get through and the daylight, it looks pretty regular. It is still a very nice city but it doesn’t seem to be offering much. At least not to me.

Las Vegas gave me an impression of the city that lures you with its lights, people and surprises…but at the same time it discourages you with it. I did enjoy staying in Vegas but I think two nights and one day were perfectly enough to see what there is to see and to do what there is to do. We walked around, we felt the spirit of the city, drank one of those huge drinks in colorful glasses, spent one dollar in casino (and lost it) and we had a great time. We also tried to take a picture with Elvis Presley or other people dressed up as famous actors or singers but they were running away as soon as they realized we weren’t going to pay for that. That’s it. I’m glad I went there because if I didn’t I would be asking myself how is it there and now I know myself. It makes an impression but I would not stay there for longer time, as the cities are not quite my thing.

It is one of the shortest posts on our blog but it is because there is really not much to tell about Vegas – you need to go there and see by yourselves. I can talk about shops, hotels, amazing drinks and people you can find there but what fun is it if you just read about it?

Have you ever been to Vegas? Or maybe you are planning to visit Sin City?

Stay tuned for next posts and follow our footprints!