Swimming in the Dead Sea was a dream of ours for as long as we know about the Dead Sea and the fact that you can float in the water while reading newspapers. We didn’t read newspapers, but we surely experienced floating in the water!

When you are doing such a short trip like we chose to do this time, you need to plan everything extensively and stick to the schedule you have. So, right after we explored Petra, we got back on the road and went northeast in the direction of the Dead Sea.

Getting down to the cryptodepression of the Dead Sea

Perks of swimming in the Dead Sea

Swimming in the Dead Sea is fun, no question about it, but there are couple of things you need to keep in mind.

Firstly, this sea is very salty, and that salt can irritate your skin, make you all itchy and red. So, you need to clean yourself from all that excess salt on your body, unless you want to stay like that for some reason (hey, we won’t judge!). Secondly, most places that have a proper beach where you can go to swim, and later on take a shower and change clothes are not free. The prices can get spicy, depending on what you want.

So, while we were in Aqaba getting ready for Petra and the Dead Sea, Josip did some research and he found a spot, with gorgeous road with breathtaking views. It was perfect! The beach was close, about 2-3 minutes walking downhill, but the beauty of the place was that it had free showers, in a form of a freshwater hot spring!

Herodus spring

Not being sure if the place we stopped at was THE place, we asked around, and ended up talking to a Jordanian guy who parked right next us. He was very helpful and he showed us how to get to the hot spring, so we know exactly where to go after we were done floating. For him, the hot spring was the way to go, not the sea. We are guessing he was tired of it. Who knows?

Going into water as salty as in the Dead Sea, you feel the difference. You don’t need to do absolutely anything. As the water pushes you up, you can relax and just lie down like you are in your own bed. It was definitely one of the most amazing experiences we’ve ever had so far. You really don’t need to do anything while in the water. And no mater how close you are to the shore, and no matter how shallow the water is, you will still be floating.

Certain parts of the shore are sea bottom are sandy, which is completely fine by us, but then again some are rocky, and pretty sharp rocks they are. We all got several cuts just because we weren’t paying attention to what we were doing. The best part about this particular location we were at, is that it has mud, that is said to have some beneficial effects on your skin (we don’t know if it is actually true, but we did try it).

But, here are some things you want to remember. Do not open your mouth while swimming and keep your eyes closed if you’re splashing the water. You really don’t want water drops in your eyes, nor you want to swallow the water. If you have any jewelry, you will want to take it off before entering the water, as the salt is highly corrosive. Last but not least, if you have any scratches or wounds, be ready to feel every single one of them.

Just doing Dead Sea stuff

While we were floating around, a couple from England, Kerry and Dan, joined us. It was comforting especially for me as I wasn’t the only girl swimming. Fairly close to us, locals were constantly looking at me and Karry (girls in bikinis have no easy life, remember from our introduction post?).

It’s always nice to meet fellow travelers. These people were on the road for several months, and explored so many countries and places that we were, to be honest a bit envious. They shared their stories from their trip, gave us some great tips and were great company. We really hope we shall meet sometime again! You can check them out here and here. 🙂

After we were done swimming, we all run to hot springs to bring relief to our bodies. The hot springs were hidden between trees on a small hill above the parking lot. It was a fairly small pool with warm water. It was perfectly deep just to sit inside and relax without moving a muscle.

For the brave there is a double waterfall with a colder water splashing all around and also a small cave. Josip and Dan went there to try it out but me and Kerry stayed under the water to avoid curious looks from a group of men who were just waiting for the opportunity to see a bit of not covered skin (sounds disturbing and so it was!).

One thing you need to realize is that, as we mentioned in our first post about Jordan, trash is everywhere. If you don’t like that and prefer a clean, maintained beach and hot springs, sorry, this is not for you. But this is in our opinion as close to a “local experience” as one can get around here.

Cost and tips

The location of the spring w/ parking space —> click here!
Cost: 0 JOD

If you come during the late hours, the crowd won’t be as big as during earlier hours.
Use earlier hours to drive the road next to the sea and for climbing and descending the cryptodepression.

Next stop – AMMAN!

Stay tuned and follow our footprints!

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