Have you seen the movie Martian? If yes, you probably remember the landscapes – desert, red sand, and beautiful panoramas. If you wanted to leave your footprint on Mars, there is nothing simpler! Mars is in Jordan!


During our short, 4-day trip to Jordan, we wanted to see as much as possible. We had different places in mind that we wanted to visit and we couldn’t decide on where to go and what to leave unexplored for the next time we are in Jordan, but we both agreed that Wadi Rum is a MUST.

It is one of the most touristic places in Jordan and it is in the desert. Wadi Rum, also known as Valley of the Moon, attracts tourists from all over the world with its beautiful views and different attractions. If you rent a 4×4, it is easy to traverse the Red Planet, but if you don’t, the usual trip includes a ride in a huge jeep to one of the campsites, tasting the unusual food, sleeping in Bedouin tents and camel rides lasting up to three hours in the desert. Sounds cool? It definitely is one of the most amazing experiences because come on, how often do you have a chance to enjoy a nice desert bonfire under the stars? Fans of rock climbing will also find something for themselves as Wadi Rum is famous for its high rocky walls waiting for daredevils who will take a chance.

As we came a bit earlier to the Wadi Rum village, we had about two hours before our guide arrived. We wandered around for a bit, bought some snacks in the local store and listen to the most beautiful Muslim Call to Prayer, Salah,  we have ever heard. We noticed that in the village there were no women. On the streets, you could see men and kids running around but women were nowhere to be seen.

IMG_20190114_081038Around 19.00 our guide Jusef took us with his jeep to their tents. There we met few people from different parts of the world – United States, Canada, Jordan, and Syria. It was not peak season in Wadi Rum, no January is, so there are not much people in Wadi Rum at this time. I need to say, from all the people we met that night, people from Jordan and Syria left the strongest impact on us. Sama from Syria and Hashim from Jordan made a Bedouin bonfire (I think we called it Bedouin since we were in land of Bedouins) and we stayed out, talking with them about everything and enjoying the chilly Arabian night. Since it is a desert, the temperature dropped down a lot, having a fire helped a lot, not only with warmth but also the ambient, we drank Jordanian wine and stargazed at a beautiful, dark sky.

Getting to the campsites are free of charge from our hosts but getting back to the village – not so much. You can walk back, which is obviously a free option, and you get offers from your host for camel rides, jeep rides and both. People like you to stay there as long as you want. But that’s the topic of another post. We agreed with our host that we will walk halfway back to the village, as we love to hike (and hiking desert, especially Wadi Rum is a must!), where we would start our camel ride to the village (Josip was tired, didn’t want to haggle too much, and we got, what we later learned, not a bad deal, but not great either). Since we had a plan to walk halfway back to the village, we woke up early in the morning and after breakfast, we started our journey. The hike was amazing, so much so that I can only refer you to our Instagram for you to see it yourself.

About an hour away from the village, we met up with our guide who had camels with him. I expected the guide to hold the camels as we were riding them, but it turned out not to be the case. Josip was the one leading us with his camel after a brief introductory lesson about how to steer a camel (yeah, if it sounds easy, it is NOT) and my camel was supposed to go behind his with me, a bit scared of heights, sitting on the top of it.


But guess what, the camels didn’t really listen and from time to time they would just turn right or left and go wherever they wanted or eat a patch of grass. I was born tiny and I stayed like that, so being two meters above the ground might sound ok to you, but for me… I did enjoy it, but I realized
I prefer to walk on the ground, on my own feet buried in the sand.

Even for this short period of time we spent in Wadi Rum, we have so many memories and we saw so much, it’s hard to write it in a single post. So, in the next one, we will tell you about what we saw and what you need to see if you ever find yourself in the Valley of the Moon.

Stay tuned and follow our footprints!