Getting ready for – Jordan!


Jordan is one of the Arabic countries of the Middle East. It is bordering Saudi Arabia, Israel, Syria, Iraq, and Palestine. As it is a Muslim country, there are certain rules and laws people need to follow, that might be a bit strange to Westerners, however, Jordan is very understanding about these laws for tourists. If you don’t want to find yourself in an uncomfortable situation, you should know them, and you will be fine.

  1. People tend to talk to men more often then women, to a point where they would ignore women – we read about this before going to Jordan, and of course, this might be a bit overexaggerated, we decided not to check if it is true or not. Josip was talking where it was needed unless someone asked me something. In different places men acted in different ways – some didn’t even look at me during the conversation, some looked at me but didn’t shake my hand, and others shook my hand and even offer me crisps. If you are all-women party traveling Jordan, or you are alone, being a woman will not stop you from getting anywhere or doing what you want, but it might slow you down a bit or make it harder. That said, we met
    a woman who was traveling Jordan alone, but that’s the story for another post. 😊
  2. If you’re traveling during warmer months, remember to wear clothes which will cover enough of your body – that’s for both men and women. We were in Jordan in January and the weather was warm enough to wear short sleeves, which we did.
    I didn’t wear a top, but I think I wouldn’t think to do so, especially because…
  3. …if you’re a blonde – be prepared for men looking at you. We can’t say anything bad about men we met, but many of them were turning around while passing by, looking at me, and even asking for a picture. They weren’t nagging nor stopping me, and I felt safer being with Josip there. I would feel very uncomfortable if I was there alone, like going to the beach in Aqaba or on the Dead Sea. Blonde in a bikini equals stares. The uncomfortable ones.
  4. Driving will take some getting used to– in Jordan people don’t care about the speed limit, breaks, keeping distance between cars, driving on their lane, turn signals or any other rules that you might think of. Driving in Jordan is crazy, and it took Josip about an hour to feel safer and more comfortable between all those ridiculous drivers, or at least to get used to driving like a maniac. Gas prices are reasonable, you can pay with the card, but some stations do not have that option yet, so you’d need to pay with the guy pouring the gas for you.
  5. NO public display of affection – love is beautiful, but while you’re visiting Jordan, as a couple or if you meet someone there, keep it private. As a Muslim country, Jordan is not too fond of public display of affection. We followed the rules, however, in bigger cities, like Aqaba, people turn a blind eye to it as we saw couples holding hands, and so did we.
  6. There probably isn’t a thing in Jordan with the fixed price to it. What you need to do, is haggle. Even if you have the money to pay for it, haggle like you don’t. Some people might find it offensive if you don’t haggle for the price, and if you get a better price than at the beginning, you will have this sense of accomplishing something.

These are just some basic points you need to know, before arriving in Jordan. Traveling Jordan is one of the best experiences in our travels so far, and in the next several posts, we will try to show and tell you why!

Stay tuned and follow our footprints 😉

We are smiling but for the first hour of driving, we definitely didn’t look like that 😉